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injury accidents, legal representation, financial benefitsAt the Law Offices of John Cogan, we understand that dealing with the consequences of an injury accident is often overwhelming. Let us worry for you. We want to make your case hassle free.

When should I contact a lawyer?
You should contact legal representation immediately after a personal injury accident. The insurance companies do not represent your best interests, but we do. There are no fees until we win. We want to make sure that you receive the financial benefits that you are entitled. Never give any written or recorded statement to the insurance company prior to contacting a lawyer.

What does the term “libel” mean?
The term libel means that an individual is legally responsible and is often ordered to pay for any damages. A person is typically liable due to reckless or careless behavior.

What types of cases constitute personal injury lawsuits?
Personal Injury Law is a broad term that covers any injury that results from an accident or negligence. This can occurs through on the job carelessness, mistreatment and neglect. Typical cases we represent include worker's compensation, disability, SSI, Social Security claims, injury accidents and wrongful deaths.

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