A building inspection is done to check on the property you are eyeing to buy or looking forward to selling to ensure that everything is in good condition. While getting a professional building inspection is only an option, there is no doubt that it is necessary if you want to put your investment in good use or if you want the property selling process to go on smoothly.

If you are a buyer of the property, without having the property inspected, the chances of purchasing a faulty one are high. Just because everything looks good, doesn’t mean it really is. You might never know about those underlying problems in the property. Remember, once you’ve signed the contract, the seller is no longer responsible for the potential problems you might encounter with the property. This is why you need to bring a certified building inspector when viewing the property so you can make an informed decision whether to purchase the property, negotiate with the price or move to another one.

If you are seller, you need to ensure that your property has no major issues in order to sell it quickly. Once issues are found, it might affect the selling price. Your potential buyer may negotiate to lower the price because repairs and replacements are needed in your property. Sometimes, the buyer can make the price 20 -30% lower than the original price. 

Whether you are buying a brand new property or a second-hand home or planning to sell your property, it is always advisable to get a building inspection Frankston first. Without it, you may be facing some serious legal issues.

Unless you bring a certified inspector, you won’t know if the construction was done legally or was permitted by the state. Who knows if such a project was done on a DIY process? Note that in home building require building code. There are requirements set by the state that needs to be followed to ensure safety. 

Only then the construction can be done if it is permitted by the state. If not, you’ll face the problem of potentially being investigated for not following building codes. Yes, you may be the buyer, but once the property is investigated and once proven that it really violated some legal codes, then your investment will go to waste. 

If you are the seller, and your property is constructed or renovated without following the building codes, it will be hard to sell the property right away. Before selling, you should hire a building inspector to check on your property to know the potential issues that may arise. With their help, you’ll be able to address the problems right away and ensure that every project in your property was done in compliance with the regulations by the state.

When you decide to sell off your property, you will need a permit. Upon getting a permit, your city office will get the information about your property. They will check if everything like your added basement or additional room has gone through proper construction. If not, they mage your property a lower value or restrict you from selling it unless the issue is being acted upon. Worse, you will be penalised for having a home project constructed that violates the regulations.

Another risk when not having a building inspection is that you might not be able to purchase a home insurance policy. Most home insurance companies will require an inspection report to assess the value of the property. Only then they can provide insurance policy and its coverage. Without a building inspection report, it will be hard to purchase insurance that will cover your home.

On top of these legal issues, the biggest risk of not getting a building inspection service is that you won’t know the real safety issues behind the property. Health risks issues like moulds, pest infestation and carbon monoxide should be a top priority; so hire a building inspector so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe in your newly purchased home. If you want to ensure the safety of the building, a building inspection is an important component of achieving this. 

Safety is maintained only if major health and safety risks are identified. Aside from the health risks mentioned above, there are other risks that may remain uncovered if you don’t get building inspection service. These are faulty electrical wiring, uneven flooring, unsteady roofing, blocked exits, etc. These issues might put your life at risk. If you hire inspection services, these issues will be reported to you through a comprehensive inspection report. By having a detailed report, you will know every issue present in the property whether it’s big or small. Note that inspectors understand the importance of safety, and it is in their job to save lives.